Beyond Cybersecurity

Over the years, I have delved into a variety of fascinating projects that span from innovative iOS applications to cutting-edge mathematical research. This page is a showcase of these endeavors, each reflecting my passion for exploring new challenges and pushing the boundaries of what I can create and solve. Whether it’s developing practical tools that enhance everyday productivity or engaging in complex problem-solving in mathematics, each project here represents a significant part of my journey as a developer and researcher. Dive in to discover more about these unique contributions and the stories behind them.

Check which numbers are prime with my Prime Number Checker web app.

Keep track of your stretching routine using my customizable Stretch Timer.

Explore my work on the Frobenius Coin Problem, a mathematical challenge tackled with my USRP (Undergraduate Student Research Project).

TradersTool helps you calculate how much one party must pay another and which party, considering both might be trading valuable items. Check out the privacy policy or get support if needed.

AmmoTrac helps you track the ammo used at the shooting range and analyze costs. Review the privacy policy or access support for any assistance.